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US charging infrastructure


Latest company news about US charging infrastructure

The number of charging stations in the United States is lower than in Europe and South Korea, and their distribution is not evenly spread across the country. In comparison to some states, the availability of charging stations is not high in certain states. For example, California has almost the same number of charging stations as the 39 states with the fewest charging stations for electric vehicles.


1 Overall Situation of Public Charging Stations:

According to data provided by the Alternative Fuels Data Center as of November 2023, the United States has a total of 59,605 public charging stations and 156,669 public charging outlets.


The majority of these charging outlets are Level 2 chargers, accounting for 76% of all public charging stations in the country. Fast chargers make up approximately 23% of the total, with a significant portion (63%) being Tesla Superchargers.


With the approval of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) formula plan by the government, the deployment speed is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Under the new standards, Tesla has announced its plan to open some of its Supercharger stations and Destination Charging stations to non-Tesla electric vehicles.



2 Overall Situation of Public Charging Stations by State:

Nearly one-third of the country's public charging infrastructure is located in California. The state has the highest number of public charging stations with 42,059, significantly surpassing other regions in the United States.


New York ranks second, with less than a quarter of the number of public charging stations compared to California.


However, when considering the size of the states, Vermont emerges as the winner. Despite being much smaller in size compared to environmentally conscious California, Vermont has the highest number of electric vehicle charging stations per capita based on 2022 data. The state has 140 charging stations per 100,000 residents, followed by California (105) and Massachusetts (71).

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3 Overall Situation of Public Charging Station Operators:

In the realm of both Level 2 charging and DC fast charging, ChargePoint is far ahead as the largest charging station operator in the United States, holding a 39% market share of the public charging station market. Currently, ChargePoint operates 28,000 charging stations and over 52,000 charging outlets in the United States.


Tesla ranks second with a 21% market share, operating 5,800 charging stations and 28,000 charging outlets. Following closely are SemaConnect with a 4.9% market share, Blink with a 3.1% market share, Electrify America with a 2.9% market share, and EV Connect with a 2.1% market share. The remaining 13.4% of the market is allocated to smaller operators.


In the realm of DC fast charging, Tesla dominates the market, with its Supercharger stations accounting for 61.7% of the total in the United States. Electrify America ranks second with a 12.3% share, EVgo ranks third with an 8.2% share, ChargePoint ranks fourth with a 6.5% share, and the remaining 6% share belongs to other operators.

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